COVID 19 Policy and Procedures

During the Covid pandemic our sole goal at Myaree Podiatry is to keep our clients and staff safe. Whilst reducing the risk of spread, we aim to  keep disruptions to a minimum. Please understand that this involves changes to our normal procedures. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our policies before you come into the clinic. 

What Changes Have We Made?

  • Increased cleaning 
  • Improved PPE equipment 
  • Hand sanitizing stations
  • Air purifiers
  • Pre-screening clients for symptoms and exposure
  • Receptionist protective screens
  • QR code and manual sign in
  • Social distancing encouraged
  • Reduced clinic capacity
  • Staff education


How You Can Help

  • Reschedule if you are unwell
  • Remember your mask
  • Check in on arrival
  • Arrive on time (not early)
  • Social distance
  • Do not attend with non essential others
  • Use sanitizing stations
  • Advise us of your vaccination status
  • Preferred non cash payments
  • Stay patient!

Your Vaccination Status

Please advise our staff of your vaccination status if you are happy to do so and if you have a mask exemption. Partially vaccinated, unvaccinated clients or those not willing disclose their status will be asked to book their appointments in dedicated clinic hours.